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Keto Friendly, Diabetic Friendly, Sugar Free, Low Carb

a little about us

Welcome to Three Bears Bakery & BBQ

Owners Jabin and Natalie Olds have hand crafted each item on the menu and hopefully tons more to make an appearance in the future. In 2020 we have added over 30 items to our menu. 2021 is looking to have at least 30 new menu items! As of December 2021, we have roughly 90 items available in the shop! Let’s add to this! As of 2022 we have over 120 items in the shop!

We specialize in low-carb and sugar free baked goods and select BBQ items. The BBQ line will be expanding in the future. We have over 110 gluten free items as well.

Hamburger Buns
Papa Bear, Baby Bear & Mama Bear 2019
Perry Bear, the Bakery namesake
Hand Dipped Snack Cakes

The Menu

The menu is a mix of breads, sweet goods and savory items.

The Menu changes monthly so be sure not to miss out!

We have opened our new facility! 13723 W. 108th Street, Lenexa KS 66215

Please see hours at the bottom of page.

We take orders through our Facebook Page, Instagram, this page or emails to

We do LOCAL pickups (based in Lenexa, KS) and ship nationwide.

Question/Orders for the Bakers

The Three Bears

We are a family of 3, Jabin, Natalie and Perry. Jabin and I have dreamed of a bakery together since we got married in 2012.

2016: Welcomed our business namesake Perry Bear himself!
Nov 26th 2017: Mama Bear’s hairbrained idea, let’s start keto!!
2018: Lot’s of great Keto meals, very few successful Keto breads.
Dec. 2018: Successful Keto BREAD!
Feb. 2019: Bake sale among friends that turned into 30 orders (some from people we didn’t know via Facebook page) we thought “we are so over our heads, we can’t do this”
Feb. 23rd: God had a plan that terrified us, we were MEANT to do this whole “bakery” thing FULL TIME!
And then…..
By March 1st 2019 we had a full blown Keto/Low Carb bakery, owned and operated by us! No more jobs outside of the home, self employed 100%.

Jabin: went to KSU for Bakery Science and has worked in the industry for 13 years, he has worked for Sara Lee, PepperidgeFarm, Glutenfreeda, Kraft, Awrey’s, Hostess, Bimbo, Thomas English Muffins and so many more! He’s got the ingredient knowledge you never knew you wanted to know!

Natalie: went to college for Art & Design and has been a photographer for 11 years. Was a stay at home mommy once Perry was born. (Couldn’t bake a cookie to save her life when Jabin and her started dating in 2010)

Perry: attends a private preschool program, spends time with all of his amazing grandparents and great-grandparents and loves his two pups Hallie and Harrison. Chances are if you have been to our facility you have had a silly conversation with him, our littlest helper.

Within our FIRST YEAR in business with so many accomplishment that we never expected. What a dream come true! Shipping across the US, selling out fully stocked farmers market and holiday marts and having orders flood in daily. Whole-selling to other companies, 3 local television appearances, radio podcast interview and more on the way.

In 2020 were nominated for the BEST OF KANSAS CITY by The Pitch KC in the following categories. (only bakery in KC to be nominated in 4 different categories)
Best Bakery *Bread
Best Bakery *Gluten Free
Best Dessert Menu
Best Local Snack
(we didn’t win, but what an honor to be nominated! Hopefully more nominations come in 2021)

2021- We have opened our very own production facility!

March 2021- Natalie’s Cake was entered in the Best Cake Decorator competition by someone anonymously.

May 2021- We are nominated for The Great Kansas City Business Award! We will keep you posted on when votes can be cast! They will open December, we’ll post a link!

August 2021- We were celebrated by the city of Lenexa with an official ribbon cutting including Mayor Michael Boehm and the Lenexa Chamber of Commerce.

September 2021- We have been nominated in 10 categories this year for The Pitch’s Best of KC in the following :
Best Bakery
Best Bakery(Bread)
Best Bakery(Gluten Free)
Best Bakery(Sweets)
Best Cinnamon Rolls
Best Dessert Menu **1ST RUNNER UP**
Best Ice Cream
Best Local Snack **1ST RUNNER UP**
Best Locally Made Sweets
Best Pie
Be sure to vote! Voting Closes at the end of September!

There are awesomely exciting things on the horizon, can’t wait for it all!


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Open Hours

Mon: 10am-5pm
Tues: 10am-4pm
Wed: 10am-6pm
PRE-order pickups and shipments ONLY.

Walk-In Shopping

Walk-In Shopping

Sunday is for Jesus


Please email all job inquires to the email listed above.