Custom Cakes

We would love to help you celebrate your special occasion with a custom cake!

Cupcakes – 1 dozen starting at $35
single flavor

2lb Loaf Cake – 14 Servings – starting at $35

6″ Double Layer Cake – 8 Servings – Starting at $35

8″ Double Layer Cake – 16+ Servings – starting at $50

9″ Cheesecake – 16 Servings – starting at $60

9″ Pie – 8 Servings – starting at $30

Photographed Below: Cupcakes

Photographed Below: 2lb Loaf Cake

Photographed Below: 6″ Double Layer Cake

Photographed Below: 8″ Double Layer Cake

Photographed Below: 9″ Cheesecakes

Photographed Below: 9″ Pie

Please note the following items:

  • All special orders need to be discussed, placed and paid for 2 weeks prior to pick up.
    • Price may increase due to ingredient availability, as well as inclusions (ie dried cherries, coconut, nuts, fresh fruit etc)
  • We are unable to ship custom cakes, but you do have custom flavor options for mini cakes, please message to inquire.
  • All macros can be provided with each order.
  • All cakes should be refrigerated, and are able to be frozen.

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