Please take a moment to read these Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located? We are based out of Olathe KS but do not have a store front to visit. We are in the process of getting our own location but currently bake out of the K-State Food Innovation Accelerator kitchen.

Can I see a menu? Yes, it is available on our Facebook Page as well as HERE

Is everything Ketogenic Friendly? For us yes, everyone “ketos” differently. Our motto is, if it fits into your macros and doesn’t kick you out of ketosis then it’s your Keto. You are the only person who can say if our products fit into your lifestyle.

What is Gluten? Gluten is a combination of two proteins found in wheat, Glutenin and Gliadin. When combined with water, they activate and through mixing, form a “net” that captures gas produced in yeast fermentation. This is how bread rises and gets its light/airy texture. Gluten is simply the protein portion of the wheat kernel, that has had all the starch, fiber, and fat washed away.

Do you have Gluten Free items? Yes, our sweet goods and BBQ line are gluten free. We are not in a certified gluten free environment. If celiac disease is the issue, we suggest trying our good at your own risk or not at all.

What sweetener do you us? We use Erythritol, it is a natural type of sugar alcohol. Erythritol occurs naturally in some fruits and fermented foods.

Why is there honey in the breads? Fermentation of yeast requires a carbohydrate source to feed the yeast. We chose a very small amount of honey for our source. Through our long fermentation process, among other chemical reactions, the yeast eats the sugars in the honey and converts them to organic acids(lactic, acetic, propionic, etc.), that provide shelf life, and alcohols that provide flavor. By the time the bread is finished fermenting and baking there is microscopic, to no sugars remaining from the honey.

Where can I buy your products? Click HERE.

Do you have Dairy Free items? Our BBQ Sauce, Rub and Nut Mixes are dairy free. The rest of our products all contain butter.

Do you have Egg Free items? Our BBQ Sauce, Rub and Nut Mixes are dairy free. The rest of our products all contain eggs.

Do you have nut free items? We do, our breads, buns, rolls, croutons, BBQ line are nut free but are produced in the same kitchen as items containing both peanuts and tree nuts.

What is the flour of choice in the sweet goods? We use almond flour.

How do I order? You can order via “Ask the Bakers” on the main page, email to threebearsbakerybbq@gmail.com, message via Facebook. Be sure to include your shipping address if shipping is necessary.

What carrier do we use for shipping? We use USPS Priority 1-3day. Please know that once we drop your package off at the Post Office we can not see any more info on your package then the tracking number we provided via email. **Covid-19 has delayed a few shipments by a day or so and unfortunately we have no control.

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