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Our menu is a mix of low-carb baked goods, nut mixes & a few BBQ items.

Monthly Constants


Sugar Free, Containing Gluten (the protein removed from wheat)

Black Bear Bread
Whole Flax and Chia Seeds, Seedy style bread


Brown Bear Bread
Flax Seed Meal, Smoother style bread


Cinnamon Bear Bread
Cinnamon Brown Sugar Breakfast bread *all natural sugar replacement

Hamburger Buns
Similar to the Brown Bear Bread, smooth style 8pk


Dinner Rolls
Similar to the Brown Bear Bread, smooth style with a hint of sweetness 12pk

Crunchy little bites for salads, used as chips or pulsed for bread crumbs 5oz


Gluten Free, Sugar Free {These items are Menu Constants, please scroll for Monthly Exclusives}

Cinnamon Rolls
Yeast Raised perfectly rolled with cinnamon and brown sugar. Pickups come with cream cheese frosting, Shipped are glazed. 4pk

Vanilla Peanut Butter Biscuits

Not quite a cookie, not quite a scone. Pairs great with coffee 6pk



Moist Chocolate squares. Pairs great with ice cream 2pk


Browned butter blondie with chocolate chips. 2pk

Butter Pecan Blondie
Browned butter blondie with pecans and a natural butter pecan flavor. 2pk

Monkey Bread

Our traditional cinnamon roll cut into smaller chunks tossed in butter and even more filling! Topped with a vanilla glaze.


Sweet Nut Mix
Candied Walnuts and Pecans toss in a sweet & salt cinnamon sugar dust.

Chocolate Chip Cookie
The classic taste of home Chocolate Chip cookie, without the guilt 6pk

French Silk Pie

A rich and decadent creamy French silk chocolate pie topped with vanilla whipped cream all on a shortbread crust. Local Pick-Up ONLY


Cheesecake Brownie

Our traditional brownie mixed with our own cheesecake batter 2pk

Papa Bear Tarts
Cinnamon Brown “Sugar” or Blueberry filled pastry topped with a complimentary glaze

BBQ & Savory Items

Gluten Free, Sugar & Filler Free {Please note we will be adding more items including but not limited to smoked meats, more sauce and rubs}

Three Bear-y BBQ Sauce

Tri-Blend of berries for a tangy, vinegar and mustard based sauce with a kick at the end. Works great for dipping, marinade and salad dressing. 12oz


Crispy cheddar cheese crackers

Everything Cheezeips

White cheddar cheese crackers with garlic and everything bagel seasoning.


Bear Rub

Our own blend of all natural sweetener and spices. Great for smoking meat, seasoning almost anything and even for tossing nuts. 3oz


Savory Nut Mix
A fun savory spicy twist to our classic sweet nut mix. A lot of savory with a little kick 6oz


Well… we think they are self explanatory.


This Month’s Exclusives

Cakes, Cookies & Sweet Rolls

Raspberry Crumble Cake
A raspberry and vanilla cake topped with our “brown sugar” and raspberry crumble.


Cranberry Orange Cookie

A cranberry cookie with whole dried unsweetened cranberries and orange zest 6pk

French Silk Pie

A rich creamy French Silk, chocolat-y pie on a classic shortbread crust and topped with homemade whipped cream. Custom Order, local pickup only $10

Hot Chocolate Cake
Our classic chocolate cake topped with a creamy marshmallow flavored glaze.


Butter Pecan Cookie

A butter pecan cookie with chopped pecans and topped with a whole pecan. 6pk

9″ Holiday Pie

Classic comfort pies for the holidays. Pumpkin, Caramel Zapple or Pecan! Perfect for holiday gatherings or just to slice and freeze and enjoy whenever you’d like! $30

Maple Long John Cake

A donut flavored cake with a maple glaze. Just because it doesn’t have a hole, doesn’t mean it isn’t a donut.


Maple Nut Cinnamon Rolls

A twist on our cinnamon rolls. Maple dough with a pecan and walnut filling. Either sold with a Maple and Nut cream cheese frosting or Maple glaze (shipping) 4pk

We pride ourselves in the cleanest ingredients we can find.

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